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Powder Coating Equipment For Your Vehicle

As an alternative to traditional wet paint solutions, powder coating offers an environmentally and friendly method of applying paint. When using traditional wet paints solutions are combined to the paint to make it a liquid which in turn enables it to become sticky which in turn will enable it to stick to the surface of the required vehicle.

Powder coatings work in a completely different way as only the solids are sprayed or applied to the vehicle in the form of an atomised powder spray. During sparing, an electrostatic charge is applied to the powder, and this allows the powder to be drawn to the product. All these can be achieved by certain process equipment such as:

Extra information about process equipment

Corona Gun

Commonly, corona gun or electrostatic gun is used for applying the powder coating to a car. Negative electric charge is transferred to the powder, then the powder is sprinkled on the vehicle by compressed air spraying equipment or mechanical. It is then stimulated towards the workpiece by the powerful electrostatic charge.

The car is then heated, and the powder melts into a smooth layer and is then cooled to produce a hard coating. To obtain more smooth finish preheating could help; however, an excessive powder may cause problems that can create runs.

Tribo gun

This is the second type of gun which is used to create friction between the powder and the gun's cylinder. It uses friction rather than electricity to create an electric charge for the powder. It needs various formulation of powder regarding corona guns.

Automotive Powder Coating Ovens

Vehicle production is a hybrid business that represents a true cross-section of development processes. Aesthetics, electronics and mechanics must all be used in exact conjunction to ensure that high-value commercial automobiles are manufactured with excellent degrees of repeatability. These ovens are used during the automotive sector to preserve crucial machineries such as cylinders and brake callipers from corrosion due to heat warping, chemicals and water.

They are also frequently used to substitute traditional spray-painting methods for automobile exteriors, reducing surface imperfections caused by liquid paints flowing from the panel substrates. The most crucial feature of this equipment is its volumetric size. Automotive oven must be big enough to facilitate more significant parts or structures, with exceptional degrees of control to ensure stable conditions are maintained throughout the curing chamber.

The automotive powder coating oven's integrated control is useful for data acquisition and process monitoring. These systems involve airflow rotation and sensitive temperature controls for companies to monitor and regulate the curing chamber's requirements in real-time, to optimize the powder coating process.


The high quality of a powder-coated product is instantly recognisable. It is smooth in appearance and protects the vehicle by forming a sealed skin of paint around it, which dramatically reduces the effects of corrosion and provides excellent scratch resistance properties. Quality process equipment should lower your costs.

Don't forget that proper maintenance of your process equipment plays a vital role in its operating expense, therefore, contact the manufacturer or retailer fast about your equipment and getting easily available machines are part of the equation. The less time your machine is down, the more pieces you will be able to turn out. With the help of this commonsense approach, you will be able to select the most suitable process equipment which will deliver you uninterrupted powder coating and lowest ownership cost